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Westchester Maids Is Proud to Announce the Addition to Its Maid Services in Chappaqua, NY

Westchester Maids has announced its home cleaning service to the town of Chappaqua in New York. We are including our maid Maid Service in Chappaqua, NYservices in the area of Chappaqua, due to the increasing demand of people asking us to include their town of Chappaqua as part of our home cleaning locations. As a token of appreciation, we are offering all homeowners interested in our service, our current 50% Off promotion. We believe that our home cleaning services, will make every homeowner happier and satisfied of having a sparkle and spotless home.

Why Westchester Maids?

This is a great question and we would like to answer by saying the following; “Westchester Maids is privately owned, with over 15 years of dealing with residential clients both in Connecticut and Westchester, NY.”  Westchester Maids does not outsourced its maids, they are part of the Westchester Maids team. Our goal is to keep a satisfied customer, we provide our  100% customer satisfaction home cleaning service. Westchester Maids utilizes its own cleaning products, vacuums and other cleaning equipment needed to get the job done. Our maids are top of the notch workers, they understand the importance of maintaining a clean environment at our customers homes. Call today and set up an appointment or a free estimate for your next home cleaning service, and one of our professional maids will visit you.


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